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Luxe Gowns offer a 100% efficient protection against tiny hairs as well as colour, permanent and water drips. It also has the elegance of a straight cut associated with high quality fabric.

Destocking: unbeatable price, 33% off!

  • Model supplied without belt, loose cut, pocket on the left sleeve.
  • Length: just below the knee.
  • Front closures, either by pressure (Luxe Seven), or by scratch (Luxe).
  • Silicone collar.
  • 100% antistatic polyester, wrinkle resistant.

New! Add your logo to your gowns!

  • Customisation from a 10 pieces order.
  • Your logo will be located on the front of the gown, heart side.
  • Flocking or embroidery depending on your logo and your hairdressing brand specification. 
  • We will contact you before implementing to validate the customisation specifications.
  • Technical costs: 20 €/order.

Flean'Up offers hairdressers a complete range of professional textile. First of all top quality haidressing gowns with Flean'Up patented silicone collar, 100% hermetic to tiny hairs as well as color, permanent and water drips: the Prestige gown with its very elegant kimono shape, the Barber wide cut with sleeves, and the Poncho Protect cape in both adult and child sizes. But you will also find on our website the hairdressing towels, a hairdressing arpon and disposable capes with 100% hermetic silicone collar that you would need.   

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Customisation with your own logo (option)
Gown closure
  • Grey
  • Black

Flean'Up is a unique perfectly sealed collar that offers a 100% efficient protection against tiny hairs as well as colour, permanent and water drips.
Thanks to Flean'Up solutions, you save time while offering your customers the best protection of their clothes and a perfect hygiene.

Flean'Up solutions are a real competitive advantage for your hair salon. They contribute to:

- High end customer service
- Loyal clientele
- More regular frequentation over time

EASY CARE, compliance with Covid 19 health standards

  • Frequent machine washing at 60°C.
  • Easy soil/stain release.
  • Fast air drying on hanger. Machine drying, Low setting, but not recommended because it weakens the antistatic treatment of our gowns.
  • To avoid wrinkling, do not overload the washing machine and hang out the washing at the end of the cycle.
  • If necessary, low temperature ironing.
  • Be careful not to place scissors, hair clipper or razor directly on the collar to avoid damaging it.

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