Flean'Up silicone collar delicately and perfectly adheres to the skin of the neck for a 100% efficient protection against tiny hairs. Available in a range of different qualities and cuts, Flean'Up gowns reassure the customers and offer great ease to the professional. 

Why Flean'Up innovation?  

Concerned over the welcome and comfort we offer our customers and over the management of our hair salon, we have constantly trained our employees, optimised our ways of doing as well as our tools, tested recognised market players' innovations. We have never found satisfactory solutions to prevent cut hairs from falling down the back of the neck nor to protect our customers during technical acts. So we created it! After months of research and development were born Flean'Up gowns with unique perfectly sealed silicone collar.

We first tested them in our hair salons, they quickly won both employees and customers support!

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