Discover Flean'Up: its unique perfectly sealed collar and range of protective hair salon gowns!

Flean'up silicone collar offers 100% efficient protection against niggling tiny hairs as well as the seepage of hair salon products and water down the neck. Flean'Up silicone collar hair salon gown: a real time saver offering the customer optimum hygiene and protection of clothes.

How does it work?

Flean’Up silicone collar settles on the customer’s neck and delicately adheres to the skin. No need for a cutting cape anymore! No need to readjust the gown when the customer gets up to change places or gets restless! Positioned in one single gesture on arrival, the perfectly sealed silicone collar remains hermetic to niggling tiny hairs and completely water-tight from beginning to end of the customer’s visit.

Flean'Up gowns reassure the customers and offer facility of use for the professional haidresser.

Why Flean'Up Innovation?

We have always sought to improve the welcoming atmosphere and customer service in our salons, as well as being mindfull of developing our profit margins. We have not only made sure that employee training is updated on a regular basis and that work organisation is optimized; we have also tested and adopted relevant “state of the art” hair products and tools.

Cut hairs tickling the back of the neck along other aleas of the trade are the bane of the hairdresser. Months of research and development have bought to fruition the Flean’Up sealed silicone collar gown. Tested out in our hair salons it quickly won over both employees and customers!

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