Innovative quality textile for all

We take pride in having found THE solution to «tiny niggling stray hairs down the back of the neck», a problem shared by all hair professionals around the world! The innovative silicone collar gowns come into a wide range that cater for men, women and children’s hairstyling, available to all salons ranging from the traditional hairdresser, barber right up to the high-end hair salon.

Poncho Protect: the ubiquitous hair salon cape used in salon today has been revisited by Flean’Up! Thanks to its unique integrated silicone collar and long-lasting water-repellent antistatic superior quality polyester, Flean’Up Poncho Protect is incomparable to those capes currently proposed for sale!

Flean'Up Barber stands out in male hairstyling and in barber shops! Long gone is the paper used in barber shops to protect the client: Flean'Up Barber’s integrated silicone collar is perfectly hermetic to niggling tiny hairs and beard hairs from beginning to end of the customer’s visit. Flean'Up Barber has become a «must have» in the profession.

The emblematic Flean’Up Prestige gown is a model that combines the integrated water-tight Flean'Up silicone collar with high quality fabric in an elegant flattering kimono cut. It is both chic and gives protection to the client’s clothes during the full hair styling experience in the salon.

Perhaps you only use disposable gowns and towels? If so, especially during this current health crisis, why not offer reassurance to the clients about optimum hygiene? Flean'Up has adapted its perfectly sealed silicone collar onto a single-use disposable cape for all other hair salon services, men and women. It is also a real “win-win” product for barber and client.

What about you? 

Our team is at your disposal to answer your questions and advise you on the model or models best suited to your customers and your hair salon.

Still hesitating? Would you like to try the Flean'Up innovative silicone collar at a lower price? Simply try Flean’up disposable fabric poncho 20 washes guaranteed to fully experience the efficient protection of Flean'Up unique silicone collar.

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